Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A season of change...

I was JUST talking to one of my dearest and closest friends...

I've also had very similar conversations with a number of others, recently. The specific subjects were different, yet; the theme is the same...There is a season and time for everything. Not everything we ever do...lasts forever.

I know the older I get...these "seasons" tend to go by more quickly. I don't necessarily want to slow things down - I just want to make sure I enjoy them to the fullest while I am in them and living them.

My children are growing up right in front of my eyes. I praise the Lord, that I do NOT have any regrets. I didn't miss anything AND no one witnessed something happen to them (milestones and every day things)..that I didn't see first or with them. I'm going to continue cherishing every moment. This winter we'll have our 2nd teenager and the last one is not far behind. They grow so quickly. I never believed my parents when they spoke those same words to me as a young person.

I have had a number of family and friends in my life for various periods of time. Some come and go. Some have been there for a very long time and some come in quickly and leave. For whatever time they have been or are in my life - I'm invested in each of those relationships. I'll give and I'll take. I'll make memories...that hopefully, last a lifetime.

Seasons come and go...yet; if you are connected by the heart to those you love - that is something that will last for a lifetime.

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  1. Great post, Charity! :) I couldn't agree more.